Man eats Xiaomi Yishen Qi to nourish the spleen and stomach

Man eats Xiaomi Yishen Qi to nourish the spleen and stomach

Chinese medicine believes that the basis of human health is Jing, Qi, and God.

Essence is the power of life, Qi is the source of life, and God is the light of life.

Jing, qi, and god each have their own functions and influence each other.

Traditional Chinese medicine health is mainly to nourish the essence, qi, and god.

  Grain cereals are the essence of nourishing essence, qi, and god.

According to the theory of homology of medicine and food, grains are the most natural and pure medicine. Millet can replenish vitality, corn can resist aging, mung beans can resist tumors, and rice can nourish yang . Starting from this issue, we launched “grainMultigrains talk about health “series of articles to readers.

  ”Medical Doctor’s Record” once described the efficacy of Xiaomi: Yishenqi, removing heat from the spleen and stomach, and qi.

Li Shizhen feed: millet (millet) tastes salty, chills and infiltration, kidney valley is also easy to eat kidney disease.

Reduce stomach fire, so spleen and stomach disease should be eaten.

  According to laboratory analysis, millet contains as many as 18 kinds of nutrients, including 17 kinds of amino acids, including 8 essential amino acids in the human body. The amino acids can promote the secretion of melatonin in the human body. Therefore, edible millet porridge can be used for hypnosis, health care and beautyRole.

  Here are a few small recipes for treating diseases with Xiaomi-sedative and sleeping: Xiaomi’s sedative and sleeping, its efficacy is beyond the list of sleeping pills.

  200 grams of millet, 30 grams of mangosteen meat, take porridge for 7 days.

  Digestion and stomach discomfort: During the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods, King Zhao celebrated his birthday and ate a number of cherished mountains, seafood, turtles, and bear’s paws every day. After half a month, he found that his stomach was bloated and indigestible, and he could not even sleep.

The Royal Doctor conditioned for five days and took a lot of medicines, which did not help much.

On the sixth day, the imperial doctor made millet and chicken Neijin together to make porridge. King Zhao drank three meals and his stomach began to swell.

  Make up for vitality: Ji Xianlin first lived 98 years old.

His secret of longevity is to drink millet mung bean porridge every day, millet to replenish vitality, mung bean detoxification and clear fire.

  Women in North China gave birth to children. They ate millet porridge, black sesame seeds, replenished vitality, and fed milk every month during the month of confinement.

  Lower blood pressure: 200 grams of millet, 10 grams of lotus seeds, porridge.

It is effective for heartbreak and high blood pressure.

  Yangwei: 200 grams of millet, 6 slices of ginger, porridge.

Effective for stomach problems.

  Treatment of myasthenia gravis: 200 grams of millet, 40 grams of black sesame, 30 grams of black beans, 5 walnuts, 6 jujubes, 8 peanuts, 30 goji berries, 10 grams of raw yam, juice with a soybean milk machine, fasting every morningDrink three glasses.