[Proportion of batter for pancakes]_ recipe _ production method

[Proportion of batter for pancakes]_ recipe _ production method

When spreading pancakes, you must master the ratio of batter and water. Generally, you can prepare a noodle and prepare 1.

3 servings of water, if you usually make more, you can work a bit more. If you are a novice, you can add a little more water. Generally, you can prepare 1 kg of 2 noodles, 4 or 2 corn noodles, and then prepare 1Two or so green bean noodles, one or two soy bean noodles, or one or two soba noodles.

The ratio of the batter for the pancakes is one, and the ratio of the batter recipe to the batter is 1: 1.

3 or so.

Skilled to do more, novices add more water.

1 noodle and 2 pounds of white noodles, 4 noodles of corn noodles, 1 noodles of soybean noodles, 1 noodles of mung bean noodles, and 1 noodles of buckwheat noodles.

The last two can’t be ignored.

Second, the method of noodles: the ratio of surface water is 1: 1.

3 or so.
Do not pour the water all at once, so that the water and the noodles form their own spaces. It is difficult for you to stir up the noodles again because of the tension.

1. First weigh the noodles and water first, and pour the various noodles together and stir well.

2. Pour the water into the noodles with a thin stream, stir the noodles with water with a spoon while turning, and stop adding water for 20 minutes when turning to a particularly sticky state.

3. Continue to turn clockwise in one direction, even with pressure. If you ca n’t see the noodles, add water and stir evenly, stir, stir, add some water, stir, stir, add some water, stir, stir until you turn the water.Finished.

4, and noodles completed.

Third, the production of sweet sauce: two bottles of sweet noodle sauce, one bottle of tomato sauce, half bottle of seafood sauce, pour and mix well, add an appropriate amount of water and cook with fire, the longer the time, the stronger the sauce flavor, and finally add sugarDrizzle with sesame oil.

Fourth, the production of chili sauce: chili powder + sesame.

Mix well and drizzle with medium oil.

What kinds of rice dumplings are there for pancakes?

Answer: There are several common types: 1. Electric rotary manual scraping, nearly one thousand yuan.

2, there are electric rotating automatic scraping paste, it is estimated about 5,000 yuan (95% are not easy to use).

3, there are electric rotating automatic paste automatic scraping paste, the price ranges from 7000-9000 (99% are not easy to use).

4, there are manual rotation and manual scraping, there are three or four hundred or five or six hundred.

5. There is also an electric pancake machine, with a single head of more than three hundred starting expensive one thousand.

6, the cheapest is iron plate more than 100 yuan a.

It’s best to use cast iron to heat it without deformation.

The thicker the better, the thicker the heat is uniform.