Watch out: Specific bad men around

Watch out: Specific bad men around

Good men are similar, for example: kindness, responsibility, love for wife and children, respect for parents, serious work, can be like a big tree, to support the wife and children, old and young, so that they are carefree and healthyLive clearly and so on.

  And bad men have their own bad ways.

  There is some kind of irresistible bad man in life, which is a woman’s nemesis. If a woman unfortunately falls in love with them, she will definitely suffer hardship and lose her life’s happiness.

Which ones?

  First, the sloppy type of man, ancient and modern Chinese and foreign famous references have been cited, like the world’s four famous wicked ghosts: Sherlock in the Shakespeare comedy “The Merchant of Venice”, Morriet comedy “Human”Abagon in”, Balzac’s novel “Ouini.

Glan Tai in Glan Tai, and Preuchic in Gogol’s “Dead Soul”; the four wicked ghosts in the field of Chinese literature: Qian Zhongshu’s Li Meiting in Besieged City, and Xu Fuzhen’s Yiwen Qian”Lu Zhizhuang” in the Fable Story “Jiang Hehou” in Fable Story, and Yan Jiansheng in “Ru Lin Wai Shi”.

  The commonality of these men is: self-containedness. In their eyes, money is above all else. The desire for and possession of money has almost reached a morbid level: their sole purpose of living is to save money and gather wealth.

Only when you see the money will your eyes shine and you feel comfortable.

He may be embarrassed, but he dare not eat or wear, not only does he lower his standard of living to the lowest level, but even his wife, children, and children have to follow him to suffer poverty, suffering, and full of material and spiritual double-layer torture.

  Take the French writer Balzac in “Ouini?”

The scumbag-Grandai modeled in “Grand Terrace” is taken as an example.

Glan Tai is greedy for money and even has a wealth of wealth, but he still lives in a shabby, shabby old house with a lot of simple food and candles for his family every day.

After he learned that his daughter had given her savings to Shire, he thundered wildly and put her under house arrest, “without fire to keep warm, but to live on bread and water.”

When his wife couldn’t afford the illness, his first thought was to ask the doctor to spend money.

He is an authentic slave to money, with only money in his eyes and no affection.

As a result, the weak and kind wife regarded the world as hell, and also buried her daughter Ou Yani’s youth and happiness.

  Type men, the obsession with money and things are morbid, and even die, it is difficult to change.

Therefore, if a woman chooses such a man to marry, she can only give up the beautiful clothes and food and many enjoyments in her life, and strive for perfection, and live a humble, uninteresting life.

  Second, violence. Domestic violence has now attracted widespread attention from society and the media.

Violent men are found in remote and backward areas or families with low cultural levels, as well as in the families of some highly educated intellectuals.

Men with violent tendencies attack their wives at home and frequently use violence.

Through violence to vent depression and dissatisfaction, but also through violence to satisfy his macho dignity.

Violence not only hurts his wife and hurts him, but also makes his children tremble, like walking on thin ice.

  A while ago, the popular TV series “Don’t Talk to Strangers” was a TV series against penetration of domestic violence.

The play tells the story of an elegant brain surgeon An Jiahe with superb medical skills. Due to his distorted personality, he always suspected that his wife was having an affair, which caused all kinds of abuse. The hostess Mei Mei Xiangnan concealed her who had been raped because she loved her husbandIn the past, I suffered suspicion from my husband.

After being subjected to violence, she also tried to maintain the integrity of the family and looked forward to her husband’s change due to the traditional “dignity” and the love that remained deep in her heart.

As a result, she was met with deeper suspicion and more horrific violence by her husband.

Finally, she went from evasion to resistance, and began to fight for a democratic and violent marriage and maintain the dignity of life.

  Many viewers who have watched this show believe that domestic violence in real life is far more cruel and bloody than this TV series. Many women, who live in violent families, are often bruised by their husbands.The body has no skin, and lives a life without darkness.

  A violent man is a man with a distorted personality and a perverted personality. It is difficult for him to control his behavior, and his wife and children are deeply hurt and have a terrible dream-like life.

A woman must not have any illusions about a violent man. It should be said that if he is found to have violent behavior, he must decisively leave.

The sooner you leave, the less harmed.

  Third, drinking alcohol gambling drinking alcoholic alcoholic drinkers, only wine in their eyes.

  Gambling, like gambling, is all his fun.

  In order to drink alcohol and get gambling money, these men have no complaints about losing their homes and no worries about selling their wives and children.

  Alcoholics are often drunk and unconscious, or borrow alcohol to go crazy, and gamblers often lose their families and debts.

  Therefore, the drunkards and gamblers mostly annihilated their consciences and gave up their small responsibilities to their families.

They gave their souls and lives to wine and gambling. They did not belong to women at all, not to families.  Zweig’s novel “Twenty-Four Hours in a Woman’s Life” quotes a demure and elegant Mrs. C of British nationality who came to Monte Carlosel in Monaco by accident and took aThe young man with an angelic face and a pair of expressive and emotional hands. The young man has a noble bloodline and a good education. He could have a promising future but was enchanted by CES.

  He exhausted everything, enthusiastically and desperately in the stopper, and after losing all he had, there seemed to be only a dead end.

Mrs. C, who has been paying attention to him, came to the desperate young man in the heavy rain at night out of the “instinct urge to save people”.

She stuffed him with money and urged him to rest in the hotel.

But as soon as the hotel opened the door, her hands were clenched tightly by him, and she followed him into the hotel without resistance.

They spent an extraordinary night together.

That night, she gave everything she had to the avid and unconscious young man.

I hope to make this lost young man feel remorse with his noble emotion and dedication.

The young man also vowed to promise her to quit gambling and start again.

  But the next day, at CES, Mrs. C unexpectedly saw her hands again.

It turned out that this weak-willed young man couldn’t control his gambling addiction at all. He easily betrayed his promise and let the desire dominate himself again in the contest between desire and morality, betrayal and true self, and sat at the gambling table utterly forgotten.
  He is such a handsome young man!

His regret was so sincere!

However, gambling addiction completely controlled him, making him unable to live and think normally, and ultimately did not escape the tragic fate of committing suicide after gambling.

  This novel reminds us that gambling addiction is as difficult as it is difficult to quit.

If you don’t want your life to be destroyed with alcoholic and gambling ghosts, the best option is not to provoke them and ignore them.

  Fourth, the heart-shaped man has been around since ancient times. From the Tang suit written by Byron to Ximen Qing, Chu Liuxiang, and Duan Zhengchun shaped by Jin Yong in “The Eight Dragons”, their common characteristics are: talented, gracefulPinacious, arrogant, proud and self-conscious.

They are easy to be emotional for women, and it is easy for them to fall, but they are rude and unruly everywhere.

  Take the example of Duan Zhengchun in “The Eight Dragons”.

  Duan Zhengchungui is the master of Dali. He is talented, gentle, elegant, and elegant.

What’s more, he is born with a passion, but he is infatuated with love, but is not lascivious, but he is not indecent. For every sloppy beauty, he cherishes his affection to the fullest. In addition, he knows the heart of a woman and can devote himself to it.Well, gentle words, treasure treasure, so Qin Hongmian, Baby Gan, A Luo, Dao Baifeng, and Ruan Xingzhu are all obsessed with him. They are obsessed with him for life, and calculate for each other.Until willingly to die for him.

  Duan Zhengchun is a downright genius.

He attracted sincerity to every relationship.

But he did not admit that love is selfish and exclusive. He can love many women at the same time. He is very focused and true, but those women are unwilling to share him with other women.

Therefore, the result of his ruthless and unruly behavior everywhere was to turn those beautiful and amorous women into Zhang Fuyu’s sorrowful women. In order to get him to blame each other, they even became angry and sullen and many innocent people.

His daughters, who are as beautiful as flowers, cannot grow up in normal families and normal fatherly love.

  The most unbearable harm to a woman should be from emotional infidelity and deception. In this sense, a man with a heart-shaped heart has the greatest lethality to a woman, and can make a woman fall into the abyss of despair because of love and hatred.
It is a nightmare that a woman cannot believe in her life.

  ”A man is not bad, a woman does not love”, I think this “bad” should be within the limits that a woman can bear.

And the serious bad men listed above, their badness exceeds the limit that women can bear. Women want to realize the dreams of husbands and wives, live a warm and beautiful worldly life, still have to be smart, stay away from these kinds of typicalMore extreme bad men.