Taking contraceptive pill beauty should not be promoted


Taking contraceptive pill beauty should not be promoted

Guide: Nowadays, the beauty and skin care methods of girls are becoming more and more outrageous.
Some even sound scared.

Too many girls are secretly taking birth control pills to suppress the appearance of acne.

hzh {display: none; }  前一阵子我一直和一个女孩住在一起,她天天嚷嚷自己没有男朋友,可是偶然发现她在吃避孕药,便疑心起她的作风来,想来想去还是决定问ask her.
Who knew that she had a face on her face and said, “Don’t you know that taking contraceptive pills can be beauty?

It is very popular on university campuses now.

“I always thought that this was an excuse she gave me. Coincidentally, after a few days, I heard a friend studying at Beihang talk about it. She said that this method is very popular now, and she finished eating her skin.It will become smooth, acne, and acne will decrease. Many young white-collar women think it is a good way to do both.

But is this scientifically based?

The following are the opinions of reference experts.

Everyone knows the answer after reading it.

.  Li Zhi, director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Haidian District Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Beijing, said that he has also heard the recent statement that this contraceptive pill can be used for beauty. Some individual clinics and beauty salons even use certain contraceptives as secret recipes.For the treatment of acne, ulcers and so on.

  However, in general, some contraceptives have a certain effect on women’s skin ulcers and ulcers, but this effect is by no means a therapeutic effect, because acne and acne are mainly caused by hormone imbalances in the human body.Yes, some women are prone to acne if the male hormone is too high, and the contraceptives generally contain estrogen and progesterone. Both of these hormones can inhibit the secretion of gonadotropins in the human body and inhibit ovarian ovulation to achieve regulation.The human body secretes and regulates the balance of human hormones, and acne naturally disappears.

  In addition, Director Li said that the use of contraceptives is not recommended, because there are many exceptions. Long-term use of contraceptives can be harmful to the human body, similar to chloasma, and it can easily cause cervical cancer.

In addition, adolescent women are fully developed in physiological functions. If they take contraceptives for a long time, their physiological cycle will be disrupted. Even if they stop taking the medicines, they will be detrimental to growth and development, and cause severe infertility.