Chinese people should eat more vegetarian food

Chinese people should eat more vegetarian food

Although the types and quantity of fruits and vegetables are constantly increasing, the fruits and vegetables eaten by local residents are decreasing.

The first series of “Nutrition Intakes and Changes in Nutrition Status of Chinese Residents” released a few days ago showed that we now eat 10 times more meat than 40 years ago.

In fact, the Chinese traditional diet is coarse tea and light rice. There are also many ingenious alternatives to the traditional dietary principles of the Chinese nation, such as “light diet, vegetarian-based”, “no meat for a day, no beans for a day”, “radish”Cabbage soup, eat health” and so on, so although the material conditions are rich, do not forget “coarse tea light rice, green vegetables and tofu to ensure peace.”

Some westerners have high protein, high aunt, and high-shift diet habits, and the Chinese stomach is more accustomed to being vegetarian.

  According to the nutrition and nutrition pyramid recommended by the Chinese Nutrition Society, each person should eat 100-200 grams of fruits and 400-500 grams of vegetables per day, and now we should eat 276 grams of vegetables and 45 grams of fruits each day.Below recommended standards.

Professor Li Ruifen, a famous Chinese nutritionist, said that the expected structure of the Chinese has been based on plant foods and supplemented by animal foods. The diet should pay attention to acid-base balance and meat and vegetables. If you eat three meals a day, the staple food and non-staple food(Meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk,), the ratio of vegetables, fruits, oil and salt is unscientific, the proportion of animal food intake is too large, the sedimentation structure is unbalanced, and physical activity is reduced, which will cause diabetes,Hypermetabolism, juvenile liver and other “metabolic syndrome” are increasing in number.

  Professor Zheng Shu of the Institute of Oncology of Zhejiang University cooperated with Stanford and the University of Southern California. Each of the two places selected 1,200 people for statistical analysis of living habits. It was found that the incidence of colorectal cancer and rectal cancer in Chinese residents in California was much higher than in Zhejiang.

Chinese who have immigrated to the United States for 20 years because of long-term implantation of high-microbial, high-protein, high-faecal diets, have a risk of colon cancer that is 3-5 times higher than that of Zhejiang residents.

Westernization of eating habits is responsible for the high incidence of colorectal cancer.

  Why should the Chinese stomach be more vegetarian?

Because vegetables and fruits are not only rich in vitamins and minerals, they are also rich in supplementary fiber, which can prevent constipation and reduce the damage to the intestinal wall by harmful substances in the feces and prevent intestinal cancer.

In addition, most vegetables and fruits are alkaline foods, while general high protein foods are acidic foods.

In the human stomach, meat, rice, wheat, and other foods often have acidic reactions after digestion, which requires vegetables and fruits to neutralize and maintain the acid-base balance in the body.

The ancients have long put forward the view of “five dishes as filling”, which shows that vegetables have a “filling” and “unblocking” effect on the digestive system.

Therefore, to have a good appetite and a healthy digestive system, you must often eat more fruits and vegetables.

  Although eating more meat products can cause a lot of diseases, it is not to say that we cannot eat any meat, because animal protein in poultry and poultry is an essential nutrient for the human body.

European scientists have recently eaten red meat (beef, pork, lamb, etc.) that has been eaten by people. This has led to the conclusion that regular red meat consumption increases the risk of bowel cancer.

Therefore, while ensuring acid-base balance, it is best to replace red meat with white meat such as fish, chicken, and duck.

For those who prefer to eat meat, Professor Li has selected that when eating certain glucose-rich foods, be sure to match some vegetables, fruits, and beans to increase the excretion of diabetes and reduce synthesis and absorption in the body.Avoid atherosclerosis.