Newlywed perfect woman Fan Wenfang sensitive skin care secrets

Newlywed perfect woman Fan Wenfang sensitive skin care secrets

In the autumn, more and more people are beginning to become more sensitive to retinal skin. Redness, swelling, peeling, and pruritus reappear.

In fact, due to stress and pollution, changes in dietary structure and daily life will make our once healthy skin allergic.

How to fight skin allergies and increase skin health, even if it is not naturally sensitive, needs attention.

The perfect woman Fan Wenfang has a unique and simple method of care for delicate and sensitive skin. May I ask you some questions!

  Fan Wenfang fights against sensitive and sensitive internal nutrition: drinking water, the first line of defense against allergies Fan Wenfang said that the most afraid of sensitive skin is lack of water and dryness, and hydration is her homework that does not dare to be tired for a moment.

In addition to using direct hydration methods such as hydrating essences and hydrating masks all year round, she values the hydration inside the body. Only by allowing the body to store enough moisture can the skin truly have an in-use reservoir that can not be used up.Ensures normal circulation metabolism and a strong skin defense system.

Coming together every morning, she will drink a large glass of water on an empty stomach to promote the removal of garbage from her body.

But this is not just casual water. Pure water or pure water mixed with mineral water is the best. It can help the body to obtain clear and clean water.

At the same time, do not take pure water as soon as you take it out of the refrigerator, warm water close to your body temperature will not hurt your stomach, and it is more suitable for women who are prone to cold.

Because the protective barrier of sensitive skin is weak, moisture is easily lost, and you can’t forget to keep hydrated throughout the day.

At this time she would drink with different water drinks.

At the same time, she claims to have vitamin pills, which are not as useful as replacing fresh vitamins in fruits.

Because Singapore is full of fruits, she will definitely order her favorite orange juice, watermelon juice and watermelon pineapple blended juice during the day.

She also specially reminded not to wait until thirsty before drinking water, because at this time your body has actually issued a warning of extreme water shortage, and the skin’s water shortage is very serious.

  The bird’s nest is only effective if it is eaten like this. Although there are some comments that the actual beauty benefits of bird’s nest are questionable, Fan Wenfang’s years of experience have told her that the bird’s nest really contributes to maintaining skin elasticity and moisture, and also makes her easily sensitive skin become more sensitive.Resistance is definitely a holy beauty.

But this kind of Eastern-style moisturizing beauty product is more and more important to see if you have perseverance.

She says taking it daily is the key.

At the same time, how to eat is also the secret.

As long as the environment allows, she will buy the original bird’s nest to stew herself, stew one slice the next day, and re-stewed after 2 days to ensure freshness and authenticity.

She only carries canned bird’s nests when she is on a business trip. Otherwise, even if she is filming, she will prepare a small pot to cook them herself. Freshness is the first standard for taking bird’s nests.

Timing is also the key. She will drink a bowl on an empty stomach every morning and then keep it for half an hour. Do not eat anything to allow the body to thoroughly absorb the essence of bird’s nest. Or take it before bedtime. Also, do not eat other food.

The most taboo to eat bird’s nest with snacks, completely ruin the effectiveness of bird’s nest.

Fan Wenfang also reminded that if you want a rosy complexion, adding some red dates to cook is also good.

  The anti-allergy magic that my mother taught me is her beauty teacher from a young age. The mother who is also sensitive skin will teach her a lot of anti-sensitivity personal experiences, which will make her take less detours.

When she was a model, she used to wash her face with a facial cleanser and never removed makeup. Mom would remind her to use makeup remover and wash her face 20 times to ensure that the skin was really clean.

At the time of the allergy, she would also use her mother’s exclusive tofu to wash her face. After cleansing, she gently massaged her face with water tofu, which really had a calming anti-inflammatory effect.

However, the most beneficial thing is the dieting method of the mother. The mother will plug a kitten to her in the morning and comb herself in the most traditional way. She will also cook the barley, chrysanthemum and sugar water to drink in hot weather, and drink the bird’s nest.Also inherited from my mother.

Therefore, Fan Wenfang suggested that we have the opportunity to ask our mothers about beauty methods. After all, we have the genes inherited from our mothers. The mother’s skin problems are similar to ours. Decades of experience can help you really build a private skin solution.

  Inverted, the best magic formula for firming skin. Because of sensitive skin, Fan Wenfang has always tried to use as simple as possible. Firming products have not been added to her beauty list.

But her skin is as tight as taut, but she has her own firming secret-yoga handstand.

She will do a 15-minute headstand with the coach every morning. It is simple but effective. It can effectively help the skin resist gravity, and it is as energetic as drinking 3 cups of Espresso.

  Beware of allergy killers that are most easily overlooked-Nikko Many sensitive girls will pay great attention to their recipes, but they will ignore the external protection, especially the sun allergy.

Because in Singapore, Fan Wenfang knows that sunlight is the enemy of sensitive skin.

She uses sunscreen for sensitive skin all year round. At the same time, her sun protection index must be above SPF50PA +++, and even if she is facing a computer, she will not forget to apply sunscreen.

Of course, the amplitude must be very cautious. Physical sunscreen is not easy to stimulate sensitive skin, but you must choose light and moist.

  Tips for clearing dead skin on sensitive skin When you hear scrubs, probably all women with sensitive skin will be discouraged.

However, Fan Wenfang said that she clears dead skin every other day, which can make the skin metabolize more quickly.

However, she reminded that it is best to choose a scrub product that is particularly small or has no scrub particles. At the same time, the method must be particularly gentle, and do not repeatedly massage, just a few seconds massage is enough.The water temperature should not be too cold or too hot, 22 ° C?
23 ° C is the most suitable, it will not irritate the skin, but also make the pores fully open and promote the replacement of dirt.

  The simplest and most effective. Every day, her skincare procedures are extremely simple. After cleansing, use some oxygen spray, and then apply eye cream and hydrating essence directly. After that, use a layer of sunscreen during the day, and use night cream instead of essence at night.So it only takes 5 minutes to complete.

Even if it is a facial mask, she only tries to replenish the water. It should be applied for a short period of time, and never overtime, to prevent the facial mask from sucking back the moisture in the skin; she should never touch the facial mask to prevent the skin from breathing smoothly.

She said that you should never be greedy for sensitive skin. Fruit acid skin rejuvenation, massage cream, and whitening products may not be suitable. Basic cleaning, moisturizing, and protection are the best skin care methods.

Also don’t like the new and the old, and stick to it if you want to use it. The more you try, the more sensitive you will be.

  Make-up, thin first principle Although some people say that make-up is also a kind of protection for the skin, Fan Wenfang still thinks that too thick makeup will bring sensitive disaster to the skin.

So she always chose the thinnest liquid foundation to replace the concealer, and finally set the makeup directly with loose powder.

In life, it is better to avoid applying eyeshadows and draw heavy eyeliner, and only use colorless lip gloss.

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