Eight ways to double the effectiveness of red dates

Eight ways to double the effectiveness of red dates

Chinese medicine believes that jujube has a sweet taste, has the effects of nourishing Chinese qi and nourishing blood, and is most suitable for eating.

However, jujubes are eaten differently and their effects are not the same. Here are eight ways to double the effectiveness of jujubes.


Jujube tea → Qi nourishing and voicing, drink tea after frying red dates, can cure cold and stomachache. If you add longan, it is nourishing blood and nourishing qi, which is suitable for teachers, salespersons and other people who use throat more frequently.


Jujube Boil Soup → Cough and Lung The “Bian Xiao Fang” written by Tang Congzhu of Tang Dynasty records: “Cooking red dates, Tremella and rock sugar together to drink soup can relieve cough and lungs.

“The specific method is: take about half of Tremella, 10 red dates, 30 grams of rock sugar, the amount can be increased or decreased according to personal taste.

Put the white fungus in the water and open it, remove the pedicle, tear it into small pieces, put it in the pot together with red dates and rock sugar, add 2 bowls of water, and boil over low heat for half an hour before turning off.


Red dates boiled eggs → nourishing blood and beauty Add red dates and longan to cook brown sugar water, beat eggs when jujube and longan are soft, continue to cook on low heat until the eggs are cooked and ready to take.

Red dates, longan and brown sugar all have the effect of nourishing blood. Boiled eggs with this water are both nourishing and nourishing.


Jujube porridge → Anshen to help people who have symptoms of restlessness, restlessness, etc., can take appropriate amount of lily, lotus seeds, red dates and millet to cook porridge to drink, which has the effect of soothe the nerves to help you sleep.


Jujube sparkling wine → Vacuum smooth General Jujube sparkling wine has a certain effect on keeping blood vessels open.


Jujube soaked in water → Yanggan Detox Soaked in water to drink dates, can nourish liver and detox.

It should be noted that it is best to smash red dates and brew with water.

In addition, fresh red dates should not be brewed or cooked, because fresh dates have very high vitamin C content, and boiling or soaking in hot water will destroy vitamin C.


Jujube steamed agaric fungus → stagnant and freckle.

The specific method is: take 10 red dates, 15 grams of black fungus, and moderate amount of rock sugar.

Soak the red dates in water for about 2 hours; soak the black fungus in water, add them to the bowl, add an appropriate amount of water, rock sugar, and steam in the basket drawer for about 1 hour.


Jujube and ginger drink → Stomach nourishing and calming.

Mix licorice, cloves and agarwood into fine powder and add some salt. Take 15 each time?
25 grams fried with red dates and ginger or soaked in water for tea, several times a day, has the effect of nourishing blood, strengthening the stomach, soothe the nerves.