Yam lotus seed pork bone soup

Yam lotus seed pork bone soup


Raw pork spine 500 grams, lotus seeds 150 grams, red dates 10, yam 25 grams, 250 grams carrots.


Method ① Wash the lotus seeds, red dates, and yam separately, remove the lotus seeds, and remove the dates from the core.

  ② Peel the carrots, wash them, and cut into thick pieces.

  ③ The pig’s spine was washed and scalded after cutting.

  ④ Boil an appropriate amount of water, add all the ingredients and cook for a while, cook for about 3 hours with mild fire, season with salt, and replace.


Efficacy This product nourishes and soothe the nerves, strengthens the spleen and stomach, strengthens bones and bones, and can prevent nasopharyngeal cancer.