Little Head, Big World: Go Out with a Book

“Little Head, Big World”: Go Out with a Book

So far, I often stay at home like a child for a long time, can’t wait to go out, stay outside for a few days, and want to go home with my heart.

In the column of “Reading Time Together” in this issue of the magazine, A Jia described his daughter lying in a yurt “want to mother” and read a book to her daughter Xiaoyin. I think Xiaoyin’s performance is probably betterAn education expert and the kind of homesickness described by Ai Shenbosi, author of “Little Head, Big World”: Although traveling with parents, some children will still be unhappy and debilitated.homesick.

I miss the rice candy in my little bowl, I miss my little bed, there is a familiar flavor on it . without a harbor, there is no sailing.

A child’s life requires both perspectives and positioning.

Homesickness is an experience that needs to be experienced and an inevitable experience in growing up, not a child’s timidity and cowardice.

It deserves our respect.

Homesickness is a link between the new environment and the old environment of the rope, and the child will drag this link to a strange place.

At first, he may look back from time to time to see if his mother is there, and after that, he may run away without even looking back.

In today’s highly mobile society, a child may not only need homesickness to help him build a sense of belonging, but also find a “good place” suitable for him to survive.

  Because most of them are only children, all our parents will take the development of their children’s independence very seriously, lest the children will not be able to take care of themselves in the future.

When the child turns back three times, we will restrain the same attachments, push them out of their arms, and even reprimand them.

However, while independence is important, attachment is equally valuable.

At a certain age, children will naturally go to society.

And if you haven’t established your attachment to your parents and family, it will be a pity for him, and for you, there will be some defects.

  Bringing a book out of the house will certainly enrich your travel. Bringing a book related to this trip will make your trip even more enjoyable. And if you bring a child’s favorite book, it is even more wonderful!

In order to pass the time, to deal with the child’s noisy or increase knowledge, it is to create a texture and warm bond between the outside and the family.

  First of all, when I saw the phrase “the concept of a home, sometimes it can be as simple as a book and a lamp, no matter which corner of the world it is” in “Little Head, Big World”Ripples: While expecting, yearning, and looking forward to this experience, before going out, a kind of trance will be born.