Cheap brown sugar helps you detoxify and whiten freckle


Cheap brown sugar helps you detoxify and whiten freckle

The well-known beauty guru Mr. Kawakura from the Japanese entertainment industry was inspired by the “brown sugar detoxification and freckle removal” method often used by singers in the Edo era. After years of research in the SECRETBABE laboratory, he successfully extracted the special whitening substances in brown sugar.”Molasses.”

Numerous experiments have proven that the extraction of “molasses” is a perfect combination of ancient recipes and modern technology.


hzh {display: none; }  红糖排毒之缘由  也许你有这样的经历,顽皮的小孩子被蜜蜂蛰了,伤口处马上又红又肿,疼痛难熬,着急的父母把一些红糖,融化后涂在红肿Soon, the pain will be relieved, and the redness will gradually recede.

In the cold and dry autumn and winter seasons, the skin will suffer from itching due to dehydration. When washing with brown sugar water and cleaning the skin, it can effectively reduce the feeling of dryness and itching.

  For thousands of years, brown sugar has been known to have detoxifying and nourishing effects.

This special effect of brown sugar is mainly due to its natural ingredients.

  Brown sugar, also known as red sugar, is a red-colored crystal made from the stalk of the sugarcane of the gramineous plant.

  Studies have found that sugarcane, a perennial herb, is a treasure inside and outside the body.

It contains a variety of essential amino acids in the human body, such as lysine, as well as malic acid and citric acid. It is one of the basic substances necessary to synthesize human proteins, support metabolism, and participate in human life activities. In addition, sucrose juice, sucroseIt is also rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6, and vitamin C. The “molasses” extracted from sucrose by researchers is actually a kind of polysaccharide.

Studies have shown that it has inhibitory effects on animal tumors and has a powerful antioxidant function.

Sucrose also contains a variety of anti-oxidant natural substances such as stigmyl alcohol, phenyl sterol, etc., which have been verified by experts that these substances have a significant effect on anti-aging.

  The Japanese beauty industry spends huge amounts of money on in-depth research on Chinese folk formulas every year, and strives to find safe and effective new beauty methods. In recent years, Japanese researchers have used the “brown sugar detoxification and whitening therapy” commonly used in ancient Chinese recipes and Japanese singers in the Edo period.Inspired by the analysis of the natural ingredients and pharmacology of brown sugar, it was found that the natural ingredients extracted from brown sugar are safer and more effective in terms of whitening efficacy than the popular laser freckle and fruit acid freckle methods.

Restore healthy cells and truly begin to whiten cells.

  The cells are “toxic”, and I am not afraid that the human body will absorb the useful substances through metabolism, and also produce some waste and toxins, automobile exhaust in the environment, air pollution, environmental pollution by pesticides and chemicals, and toxic side effects of chemicals, The application of food additives and other “infinite” interference on the human body have formed foreign poisons.

Toxins accumulate in the body for a long time, and then the body will have diseases; Toxins accumulate in the body for a long time, and the body will develop diseases; Toxins accumulate in the skin cells, which will cause problem skin, such as pigmentation, acne, loss of elasticity, dryness, etc.

  The key to solving the problem is to detoxify the cells. The special component “molasses” contained in brown sugar has a powerful “detoxification” effect. It can convert excess melanin from the dermis layer and excrete it through the body’s lymph tissues. From the sourcePrevents the production of melanin.

In addition, the carotene, riboflavin, nicotinic acid, amino acid, glucose and other components contained in brown sugar have strong antioxidant and repairing effects on the cells, which can cause the subcutaneous cells to grow quickly after detoxification, avoiding pigment rebound, and truly achieveWhitening starts with cells.
  Horizontal comparison of freckle What is so special about “brown sugar detoxification freckle therapy” compared to other whitening and freckle methods?

Why it can make Japanese artists under the mercury lamp career keep their skin white and smooth, and become the “skincare secret” of many famous Hong Kong artists, the following comparison makes us clear.

  One: Quickly turn white-The freckle treatment course of drinking and quenching thirst is said to “make the skin quickly turn white and tender in a short period of one or two days.” Once stopped, the skin immediately becomes darker, pigments rebound, and wrinkles deepen.

In fact, such freckle products are often added with excessive lead, mercury and other substances that are toxic to human skin and nervous system.

Because heavy metal ions such as lead and mercury can act on tyrosinase during melanin production, causing inactivation, thereby preventing the formation of pigmented spots, reducing melanin, and whitening the skin.

However, this effect is short-lived, and the ultimate consequence is that tyrosinase still catalyzes the production of melanin without limitation, darkens the skin, bounces the pigments, and even causes heavy metal poisoning spots.

  Two: laser freckle-treat the symptoms but not cure the laser beauty freckle is mainly using a laser treatment instrument to emit specific wavelengths, lasers of different wavelengths will be absorbed by the special color or pigment in the skin, when the pigment is gradually absorbed by the body, the color of the stain willIt fades.

But after all, laser spot removal is a “mandatory spot removal” under external force, and it cannot be inserted from the source.

  3: Fruit Acid Peeling-Overdraft Youth Fruit Acid Peeling and Freckle Selection The selected fruit acid is a natural acid extracted from fruits. Generally, the low-concentration fruit acid formula below 10% has a moisturizing effect, making the skin delicate and elastic.; More than 20% of fruit acid will easily change the skin’s outer aging cells, and at the same time promote the proliferation of collagen fibers and mucoproteins in the dermis layer, which can achieve the effect of freckle removal.

  The peeling and peeling of fruit acid can remove the spots on the superficial layer of the skin, but it can’t help the pigment spots on the deep layer of the skin (basal layer) or the dermis layer.

In addition, the use of fruit acid for skin peeling and freckle is extremely demanding. First, strict aseptic control must be adopted; second, by using high concentration of fruit acid, the time spent on the face must also be strictly monitored, otherwise the adverse effect will be moderately obtained; furthermore,The use of fruit acid peeling and freckle removal on the ground will hurt the skin’s stratum corneum, reduce the skin’s ability to resist external invasion, and also cause excessive loss of skin moisture, which is prone to aging.

  Four: Brown sugar detoxification-safe and effective The principle of brown sugar detoxification is taken from ancient beauty recipes thousands of years ago. After Japanese researchers analyzed the natural ingredients and pharmacology of brown sugar, they found that the natural ingredient “molasses” extracted from brown sugar has detoxifying and whitening effects.

Because it can enter toxic cells, it converts excessive melanin from the dermal layer and replaces it with lymphatic tissue throughout the body. At the same time, the strong antioxidant function of “molasses” can completely repair damaged cells and restore healthy cells.

It is both detoxifying and repairing, and preventing the production of melanin from the source is one of the most important reasons that the “brown sugar detoxifying white slip series” can cause a sensation in the Japanese beauty industry and the art industry.