What is the scientific basis for the spring and autumn freeze?

What is the scientific basis for the spring and autumn freeze?

“Spring, Autumn and Autumn” is a folk proverb that is very consistent with the health care of Chinese medicine.

The meaning of “Spring Festival” is that after Li Chun, don’t rush to take off the thick winter clothes and put on the light and thin spring clothes; the so-called “autumn freeze” means that when the weather turns cold in the autumn, don’t wear it too early.Thick cotton coats and put yourself too tight.

  Why is autumn frozen?

It is to let the body slowly adapt to the cold, give the body a signal – the cold is coming.

At this time, you should post the autumn scorpion, eat some meat, increase the subcutaneous sputum, and gradually enhance your ability to keep warm and keep out the cold.

Otherwise, if you put yourself on the ground too early, the body does not feel cold, it will not convert the nutrients it eats into a subcutaneous aunt to keep warm, this is the truth of autumn.

  In the spring, why do you want to spring, don’t rush to undress?

In spring, all things are born, and the energy and nutrient solution of the tree are transported from the roots through the branches to the distal branches and leaves.

The same is true for people, who have experienced the rejuvenation of a winter, and the nutrients stored in the winter, after the spring, are also transported from the particles, from the internal organs to the outside.

At this time, the pores slowly opened, and the human mind began to turn from the closed state of “if there is a private intention” to the determination to struggle, to go out and to travel.

However, just like this spring, there is such a characteristic that the temperature is fickle.

Although the temperature has gradually risen in the spring, the wind is not cold, but there may be a phenomenon of cold spring.

In this case, if you open your body surface prematurely, the newly born vitality will be killed, and the human body will be vulnerable to injury, both physical and psychological.

Especially those who don’t have enough Tibetans in the winter, it is easy to overdraw in the spring when they prematurely declare.

Therefore, there is a saying in Chinese medicine that “winter does not hide essence, spring must be warm”, that is to say, if the energy stored in winter is not enough, in the spring, when you open the spring, you will undress too early, you will get a warm disease.
This kind of warm disease is not an epidemic or infectious disease characterized by typhoid fever, fever, bleeding, and spontaneous sweating.

  Spring is not only to say that you should not be exposed too early, but also to say that you should not be too closed.

I saw a lot of people wearing body tights and hooping themselves for the sake of beauty.

This can be done in autumn and winter, but in the spring, this is totally wrong.

Because spring March is a season of relaxation, openness, and catharsis, it should be unrestrained, whether it is physical or psychological.

  ”The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said that spring can get up early, “being slowed down”, what do you mean?

That is to say, we usually put our hair together to restrain our own heart.

In the spring season, you can get your hair out in the morning and let yourself feel free and feel free. The so-called “slow shape” means letting your body be free, not being hooped, feeling physiological pleasure and relaxation.At that time, “Growing in the court”, taking a big step in the yard to walk, people will surge from the heart to want to do things, “a year is in spring”.

  Many people we see wear a tight-fitting suit in the spring. If you want to hug yourself, it is actually hindering the flow of your blood and restraining yourself.

Constraining the body results in constraining the heart.

These people often feel that there is anger, there is no sorrow and can not be expressed, and even some people will have breast hyperplasia, ovarian cysts, which is the stagnation of biological tissue caused by stagnation of Qi.

Therefore, when I was in the spring, I advised you not to undress too early, and don’t let yourself be too much. Don’t go with yourself.

  I would like to introduce you to a small way to prevent spring colds and pollen allergies: press 揉 香 香.

  The position of the Yingxiang point is next to the midpoint of the outer edge of the nose.

Get up in the morning, first hot your hands, use the palm of your thumb or the big fish to press the 香 香 香 , , , , , , , , , , , , , 每日 每日 每日 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉

It should be noted that you must use a hot hand to press the cymbal, the cold hand can not achieve the desired effect.