Shape the beautiful neck to be an elegant woman_1

Shape beautiful neck to be elegant woman

Elegant women always pay special attention to the prevention of skin care, because the parts that are most likely to exceed the age secret are also the parts that are most likely to become elegant and fail.

If you want to take care of your skin, the first thing to do is to make the presets less elegant: fine lines, sagging and dull.

Take care of the elegant healing skin, let’s take action together, we will provide you with the most effective and practical interventional nursing techniques, and easily have elegance.

  Indecent “Cervical Spine” Color 1: Fine lines are typically imperfect performance: obvious wrinkles culprit: wrong sleeping position, excessively dry environment and other solutions: diy massage method: four-step anti-wrinkle method first step: apply the neck creamOn the upper neck.

  step2: Except the thumbs, the remaining four fingers are close together. The force of these four fingers is relatively soft. Use the four fingers to gently massage them.

  step3: Use your right hand to massage the acute attack, move from the chest to the upper jaw and stroke it.

  step4: massage the upper right with your left hand, and touch the lower jaw from the dark.

  Skin care product maintenance method: delicate neck cream When the complications and fine lines are not serious, you can choose to give special targeted maintenance, it is best to use the neck cream daily to carefully massage the skin.

Most of the neck cream has a delicate texture, which can effectively firm and moisturize the reset skin, restore the natural elasticity of the reset skin, effectively prevent and reduce the appearance of neck wrinkles.

If you don’t have a neck cream, you can also choose an oily rejuvenating pure gold cream that can reduce the appearance of fine lines instead.

  Indecent “Cervical Spine” Color 2: Typical relaxation of imperfections: Double chin culprit: Long-term desk work, pillow replacement, etc. Solutions: diy massage method: two-step compaction method Step 1: thumb and index finger, bottom to topGently pinch the ends of the veins to tighten the skin.

  step2: Optimize and relax. Gently lift your chin with your palms, stay for about 20 seconds, and repeat three times to feel that the reset skin is gently pulled up.

  Skincare maintenance method: high-tech firming essence Generally speaking, anti-ageing and firming products help the skin maintain a stable by 40% moisturizing + 30% antioxidant + 20% promote collagen proliferation + 10% accelerate cell regenerationstatus.

Many anti-aging products are now specially added with firming and lifting ingredients, the most famous of which is Botox-like (hexapeptide).

However, the use of compact products must be persistent, so as to achieve the goal of saying goodbye to relaxation.

  Indecent “neck” color III: Dullness Typical imperfect performance: Uneven skin tone: Excessive ultraviolet radiation, incomplete makeup for a long time, etc.

  Solution: diy massage method: three steps to remove dullness step1: apply horny cream on complex and even.

  step2: Gently draw a circular massage to help the skin for 10-15 circles.

  step3: Wash the exfoliating cream with clean water, and then massage and place two acupoints 3-4 times. You can feel soreness.

  Skin care product maintenance method: Fruit acid exfoliation is dulled. It is often caused by the thick cuticle.

So when exfoliating your face, don’t forget to go down!

After a month of exfoliation for healing, you will gradually find that the dull skin gradually becomes shiny.

If the concentrated dullness is very serious, the effect of using skin care products containing fruit acid ingredients is accelerated.