Addicted to playing mobile phones is very hurting and brings 4 major hazards that make you scared

Addicted to playing mobile phones is very hurting and brings 4 major hazards that make you scared

Speaking of mobile phones, it is also developing very quickly. It has become more and more advanced from the old machine to the smart phone that everyone has today. Therefore, it is more and more loved by people. Therefore, whether it is a young child or a child,Adults who are busy all day, even elderly seniors, will play mobile phones in their spare time, because mobile phones seem to allow them to have fun, and even some people stay up all night and do not sleep in order to play mobile phones.It is beneficial to the health of the body, and it will cause serious harm to the body.

  4 kinds of injuries 1 caused by playing mobile phones, affecting vision loss Now many primary and secondary school students are aiming their glasses, which is actually inseparable from children’s usual excessive mobile phone playing, especially at night, due to the light outside.Weak, and the screen of the mobile phone is relatively dazzling, so if you look at it with eyes for a long time, it will make the glasses feel very tired, and even tears will appear. If you hope for a long time, you will re-copy the eyes. SeriousThe impact of vision.

  2. Prone to cervical disease Speaking of the bow-headed family, I believe that everyone can come up with it. In the final analysis, it refers to the phenomenon of someone playing a mobile phone with their heads down. If 24 hours a day is used, it is almost shortened.I do n’t know if we are satisfied while playing with the mobile phone, but our bodies are getting lower and lower, especially our cervical spine. If you keep your head down, the nerves in the cervical spine will be oppressed, which is not conducive to blood circulation.Therefore, people who often use mobile phones are prone to cervical spondylosis.

  3. Immune function declines. Generally, such organs of our body need to rest at night, but many people will choose to play with mobile phones at night, which will cause the brain or some organs to continue to work and be in an excited state for a long time.It will disturb the internal secretion of the body, and the immune system in the body will gradually decline, and it will be easily affected by diseases.

  4. Affecting the health of the kidneys People who often play mobile phones usually sit for a day, and if they are not active for a long time, the blood circulation in the body will be slower, so certain nutrients cannot be supplied to multiple organs of the body in a timely manner.As a result, it will affect the kidneys, seriously affect people’s kidney health, and cause some kidney diseases.

  In this information age, mobile phones are important and people cannot do without them, but our health is even more important under the quotation. Therefore, on mobile phones, everyone must treat them with restraint and purpose and avoid giving themOur bodies cause harm.