Traditional Chinese Medicine Healthcare of Office Neck and Back Fatigue Syndrome

Traditional Chinese Medicine Healthcare of Office Neck and Back Fatigue Syndrome

With the development of office automation, people’s working conditions have obviously changed, and many diseases have also quietly affected people’s bodies in this change of working conditions.

Most people who work in a military office or drive a car for a long period of time stay in one posture for a long time, and the cervical spine is prone to fatigue and discomfort.

Faced with the increasing incidence of this type of disease, the author analyzes a large number of clinical cases and, based on the common characteristics of the condition of some people, is called office neck and back fatigue syndrome.

  Cervical dorsal fatigue syndrome is a disease state characterized by muscle fatigue and discomfort at the end of the cervical spine.

It is more common in long-term fixed sitting workers.

It is manifested as cervical soreness, stiffness, and discomfort, as well as tension in the buttock muscles, wrapped feeling or heaviness, and some patients have cold and cold sensations in this area. Serious cases will appearSuffering from numbness in the upper limbs or dizziness in the head, palpitations, chest tightness, irritability, difficulty in concentration, etc.

Take a break at the beginning and recover quickly after local exercise or massage. Once the disease develops, it will gradually increase the normal operation of blood circulation, and discomfort such as arm numbness will seriously affect work efficiency.

The prolongation of the onset of symptoms of the patient shows a tendency to gradually increase, and over time, it will cause organic changes in the tissues and organs at the end of the cervical spine.

  The author analyzes from the perspective of life space theory. The causes of the disease are mainly as follows: 1. The cervical end of the cervical spine does not change its posture, and it is always in a working state of cervical neck muscle tension. This will cause the cervical spinal muscle tissue gap due toThe muscle tension gradually decreases, resulting in poor circulation of blood circulation, affecting the metabolism of tissues in the area, and exhibiting the above symptoms.

  2, military brainpower workers, over-thinking, long-sighted eyes (such as operating a computer), etc., which are easy to dissipate the human body’s blood, sedentary injury to the spleen, which leads to the decline of the human body’s righteousness and the vitality of the relevant organs and tissuesThe degree of blood filling is reduced, resulting in relative space.

At the same time, the deficiency of righteousness may cause the motility of the qi and blood circulation of human organs to decay, and the tail end of the cervical spine is bound to be affected by it.

  3. The main meridians of the cervical spine are the Sanyang of the hand, the sun of the foot and the veins.

If these meridian spaces have problems with the organs related to these meridians, it will also directly affect the operation of qi and blood at the end of the cervical spine, resulting in symptoms.

  4, the effect of wind chill: the effect of wind chill on the cervical spine is also an important cause of neck and back fatigue.

Wind chills can cause muscle contractions at the distal end of the cervical spine, resulting in narrow spaces, and slenderness affects local blood vessel and nervous system functions.

The damage of wind chill to the human body is directly caused by the cold in nature, and it is also caused by the cold air conditioning in the office.

With the improvement of the office environment, the effect of air-conditioning on the human body in air conditioners has become increasingly prominent and needs more attention.

  5. After the cold cold is not completely cured, the wind and cold still exist in the lung and bladder meridians. The existence of these colds may affect the cervical spine for a long time, which is one of the reasons for the reduction of cervical fatigue.

  Treatment: 1. Acupuncture with acupoints for long-distance acupoints and local acupoint massage.

Acupoints are mainly taken at the distal end of the arm. Generally, a sensitive tenderness point will be found near the outer arm point of the forearm, or another point will be closed, bearing the muscles, and three points of Zusanli.

Basically, only one or two sensitive acupuncture points are taken for acupuncture at a time, which often leads to immediate results.

  2. Acupoint massage: Click on the local acupoints at the distal end of the cervical spine, such as Bingfeng, Shoulder Zhen, Tianzong, Shoulder Well, Wind Pond, Big Back Muscles, Big Crotch, Throat, Shoulder Yu, etc. You can find it next to the facet jointTenderness points, muscle nodules, or swelling and pain, start with these sensitive points.

  3. Oral Chinese medicine to remedy the deficient constitution.

According to the patient’s physical condition, syndrome differentiation treatment is performed, and different Chinese medicines are supplemented with different tonics.

  4. Designate patients to develop good working habits and pay attention to the exercise of neck pain.

  In the treatment of this type of patients, a combination of acupuncture, medicine, and acupoint massage can generally be adopted. Basically, there will be obvious effects in two treatments.

The purpose of any treatment is to relax the space of various tissues such as cardiovascular muscles and relieve the oppressive effect on blood vessels and nerves.

If you want to consolidate the effect and not relapse after cure, you must let the patient develop a good working habit.